Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy days

A lot has happened since I last posted, life changing events.

First and foremost. We received Wyatt's muscle biopsy and testing results from Dr. S. 61 pages of complete confusion to a family that did not attend medical school to study medicine. I studied at the school of Wyatt, personally, and while I may understand a great deal and am able to research till I know as much as I possibly can about all things medically relating to our family, this was slightly mind boggling. Granted, the intensity of mind boggling that was taking place could partly be because I was just overwhelmed that the results were actually HERE and in my hand (or on my computer before I printed them...they arrived in a state of the art encrypted type email).

Anyway, moving on....there were things found within the testing that was performed that could have possibly lead us to the long awaited "answer". We're currently waiting (since last MONDAY!) for a call back from W's neurologist to give us some direction and answer a few of our questions. So, before I start spewing medical terms and act as if I fully understand everything that I'm relaying, I will wait to speak to the neurologist about the results and get answers to our questions so that we may understand more of what was found.

Secondly, we had Wyatt's IEP meeting last week. If you remember, I was stressing about it for quite sometime before the scheduled date, as you saw evidence of in this post. Well, that stress was greatly magnified after receiving these new and confusing results only DAYS before our meeting. In the end the meeting went well and was successful. I think we relayed what was needed and were able to set up a plan until we speak with the neurologist and get clarification and more direction as to what needs to be in place for the school. Did I mention I called him last MONDAY and FRIDAY and we're still waiting for a return phone call?!

Next on the events list is a sweetly special day.
Jilliana's 5th BIRTHDAY!!!!

Today also happens to be...

the first day of the school year!

Oh yes, it was a busy morning in our home! There was an over abundance of nervous energy in our household. But the big kids are now off to school....and no phone calls from the teachers or nurse yet!

Jill and I are having a fun day! We just finished a play date with our neighbor friends and are now eating lunch (with birthday cake, of course!) More playing is planned for the afternoon, as well.

We celebrated a bit of her birthday yesterday afternoon.....

My baby girl is 5 today. Where did all that time go?! Wow.

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