Monday, July 19, 2010

VBS fun

Last week was vacation bible school.

My kids love attending VBS at our church!
They had a wonderful time learning, creating and singing praises.

Do you want to know what Bryan and I did for the 2 hours each evening while the kids were attending VBS? 
We goofed around....talked....went out for dinner....took a relaxing walk around the lake....went shopping.

It was tough. 
But nice. 

Maggie read the first (long!) reading to start the VBS program off on Sunday morning. 

 She did a wonderful job! All of the children did a great job singing and acting out the lessons they had learned through the week.

Our three had a great time!


We had something else exciting happen at the beginning of last week. We now have a wheelchair accessible van.


This makes life much easier. Prior to this new-to-us van we were carrying around a piece of plywood in the back of our minivan. It was sized to lay inside the door and act as a ramp for Wyatt's wheelchair. Power wheelchairs are much too heavy to lift into a vehicle (250-300lbs) and a ramp or lift is needed. I was slightly embarrassed about our piece of wood for awhile, but got over it. Wyatt's independence and 'freedom' to move around as he pleases when out of the house was worth it. Our slab of wood worked decently and served us well, for this I can't complain. Wheelchair accessible vans are very costly...too costly!

Thankfully, with a bit of juggling, things fell into place....HIS plan, in HIS time.


This week holds a special day within it. This week holds a lot of memories and feelings that start to resurface.
 A day within this week is somebody's Birthday!
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