Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too much thinking is not always a good thing.

I've been trying to sit down and blog for the past few days but I've been unable to put my thoughts into words. Don't you worry, I certainly have plenty of thoughts running through this head of mine, but my jumbled mix of emotions is taking the lead.

Next week we will be in Atlanta for Wyatt's appointments. I'm nervous. We have heard many things from many different doctors over the years, but one comment that has been a constant is "I don't know". We could always count on each doctor to say "I don't know" to at least one of the questions at the top of our lists. As much as these three words have broken me down....I'm also feeling apprehensive to know the 'answer' that we've been searching so long for. We need to know, we've been longing to know and we've been searching to know....but it's unknown territory for us. I'm concerned that this doctor may, once again, repeat those three nagging words..."I don't know." Then what?! If we do rule this suspected possibility of a diagnosis out, what is left? Where do we go from there? Will we ever know? Not ever knowing is an even scarier possibility for me than knowing.

Like I said, a jumbled mess of thoughts and emotions. This is me.
Too much thinking is not always a good thing. ::snicker::

I will just continue to hold tightly to my faith and trust....it's all I can do.
(And I will try my hardest to not spend too much time thinking!)


Just you wait, there will be pictures to be shared come the end of the week...you've been officially notified, or warned, however you see it! This is the last full week of school, which is packed full of fun activities waiting  to be photographed.
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1 comment:

  1. Full of prayers here that you get your answers.

    Don't worry about us! Just keep your sanity and write what you feel. It keeps us all sane I think.