Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer break is here!

I get so excited for the end of the school year....just as much as the kids, I think! I love spending the days with these special three.

Wednesday was Maggie's 2nd grade graduation. Yes, I do realize that not many, if any, other schools celebrate a 2nd grade graduation. However, the school district that we are a part of has a Primary Learning center, Elementary school, Intermediate school, Middle school and High school. Maggie will be moving to the Elementary school next fall, which houses 3rd and 4th grades. She's excited about it and said the school is "really cool" after their class tour.
However, she's very sad to leave her teachers that she has grown to love over the school year.
  Her BFF also graduated...but she is attending a new school in a different district next year.
Maggie courageously shared one of the poems that she wrote about second grade with everyone who attended.
 Jilly found Maggie's cubby to be the perfect seat to enjoy her 'picnic' lunch. Our picnic was held indoors due to the rainy weather.
 Our girl is growing and learning so much, so fast....we need to find a way to slow her down!


Thursday Wyatt was able to visit his class. He was greeted with a lot of hugs from friends and excited classmates. They have not seen him since the very beginning of April. They were getting updates from his teacher on how he was doing and they made him cards which were sent to the hospital while he was there, but this was his first visit.
 He brought along his "balloon rockets" to show the class.
 They all loved watching the balloons fly around the room and make a lot of noise! In my opinion, they sound a lot like a screechy, screaming cat....the balloons, not the kids.
 The class also sang the Birthday song to Wyatt. And his teacher gave him 10 ear pulls (8 for his coming age, one for good luck and one to grow on) since his birthday is during the summer months. 
 We then left him to hang out with his class while we took the rabbit outside for the greatly anticipated pet day. Coco was a hit with all the kids!

And now Summer break is here!

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