Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trip Adventures: part 3

After Wyatt's medical appointments and the bit o' medical drama it was imperative that we find something fun to lift all of our spirits a bit. Friday after his appointment and morning long 'nap' we decided to find a place called Stone Mountain park. It's an outdoorsy, camping spot in Atlanta, Georgia. You could easily spend a full week keeping busy and having fun at this place...lots of fun to be had! But on this day we were visiting to ride the cable car to the top of the mountain. Wyatt was unsure of the ride once we had seen it with our own eyes, but after a bit of talking and calming of the nerves we all climbed aboard. It was breathtakingly beautiful on top of Stone Mountain and the cable car ride was more fun than originally thought.

It was just what we needed.
It was incredibly hot on top of the mountain that day, but you can faintly see the Atlanta skyline through the haze of humidity.


 Saturday morning came early for us. It was time to load all of our belongings back into our vehicle and say goodbye to our home-away-from-home for the week. We prepared ourselves for the long 10 hour day, riding in the van, while we traveled north to visit Colonial Williamsburg, Va.
It was surprisingly steamy in Williamsburg.

There was one thing that Wyatt desperately wanted to do when we got to this destination....watch Toy Story 3 in 3D at the Movie Tavern. Oh yes, the request was clearly specific to not only the movie, but also the location at which he wanted to watch this movie. Last summer we took a trip to the same area and attended a viewing of G-Force at this theater, it apparently made an impression on the little guy! The movie was great, the kids were pleased, and the air conditioning was welcomed. 

The next morning before continuing our travels toward our awaiting home, we took part in a tour of the Governor's mansion and walked through some of the historical areas of the always fascinating Colonial Williamsburg. 

After our morning of educational sight seeing we needed to say farewell to our last stop on this road trip. We loaded our three small, slightly grumpy, overly tired people into the van and welcomingly let the GPS lead us to our home.

Home Sweet Home.
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