Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip Adventures: part 2

The medical side.

After an approximate 12 hour drive from our home we made it to appointment day.

This was it.

It was here.

We were nervous!

We had what we consider a good appointment with Dr. S. He clearly read through Wyatt's records for a length of time prior to this appointment. He was organized, pleasant, observant, reserved but thorough. We left feeling cautiously hopeful that he could be the one to figure out this mystery diagnosis...we've felt this way after leaving past appointments with different doctors, so I'm cautious not to get my hopes up too high.

The muscle biopsy and lumbar puncture went smoothly.

We did wind up back in the ER early that evening with a boy who was not doing well and scaring us....and that doesn't happen easily, anymore! He softly asked Daddy to carry his limp, pale and shaking body back into the hospital, as he was unable to sit in his wheelchair. His blood pressure was very low, his oxygen saturation's were dropping, his belly hurt, his head hurt and he was "just so tired". He earned himself a bed very quickly after the triage nurse saw him and his vitals. Just minutes earlier he was laying in the hotel bed laughing and enjoying our company....he crashed hard and fast.

Thank goodness for the hotel being across the street from the hospital!

Of course, while sitting in the ER with my boy in and out of consciousness, I think back to the anesthesiologist and surgeon who debated about keeping him through the night due to his past anesthesia experiences....but it was decided at 3pm that he was doing fine. Doh!

We felt comfortable and were permitted to leave the hospital once his vitals were stabilized. We arrived back at the hotel at 1am. He did well the rest of the night with only a few heart rate alarms, which are not unusual or unexpected after such events. I can't say we slept well that night, but we did sleep.

The following day he had another test that was originally scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, but due to a scheduling error was re-scheduled for Friday. Wyatt slept, and slept, and slept....throughout the whole time we were in the office and during the test completely. His body was so stressed and exhausted from the previous day and evening's events. I hate seeing his little body so worn out.

The hard part is over and we now wait for the results. We were told it would take 6-8 weeks and possibly a week or two longer.

I feel as if I'll be holding my breath until I see the results.
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  1. Poor kiddo, Im glad its all you just have to wait :(. Hoping the testing gives you some answers soon, hugs to your sweet boy--
    Heidi & Jack
    {life with jack}