Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mr. Fix-it and the list of to-do's.

While we were away at the hospital something, or someone, created a hole in the bottom portion of our fence that borders one side of our yard. The fence was old, warped and only a matter of time before it started to crumble...but it did it's job. We decided to put it out of it's misery and gently disassemble it.

The kids are excited to take on the family job of walking the dogs in the backyard. How long do you think we have before the novelty wears off?


Friday also consisted of re-planning the flower beds in the back yard. Now that the fence was down, the layout of things was not ideal.

Bryan was so could see it in his eyes.

After explaining what exactly I was envisioning, Bryan took the necessary measurements and carried out his complicated mathematics. And by the end of the weekend I had the raised flower beds that I was picturing in my head.

He's so Mr. Fix-it.



When we came home from the hospital last week I thought maybe our downstairs bathroom floor was sagging a bit more than usual. But I then talked myself out of it and figured it just felt different because we were used to the ultra hard/concrete-ish hospital floors...not our ageing homes', creaky, wood flooring.

Throughout the week we noticed a small puddle of water on our bathroom floor at random times. At first we blamed it on the kids playing in the sink or the dogs drinking from the toilet when the seat was left's not unusual in this house with several sloppy kids and 2 messy dogs. But as the weekend progressed we noticed the puddles more often. And by Sunday evening we figured out the toilet was leaking.


Monday evening Bryan was able to stop the leaking, but we needed to get to the bottom of the sagging floor and fix it before one of us went crashing through it.

Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but that's what I could picture happening....that's just how our luck rolls, it seems.

Now we have a bathroom that is "out of order" until the flooring job is complete. At the moment the floor has been torn up and the plan is to replace what we can, when we can.

Add in dealing with our HHC (Home Healthcare Company), which supplies (or is supposed to!) Wyatt's medical supplies and we're just having loads of fun here!


We did receive some good news recently, as well as, some hopeful, promising steps forward. I don't feel I can share just yet, until we are sure of them both, but I will as soon as things are confirmed.

This was our past week in a nutshell. How was yours?
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