Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These are the days of our lives....

Our weekend was slow going, but we had groups of visitors come Sunday afternoon and evening, which was very nice.Wyatt was clearly happy to see familiar faces to laugh and play with.

On Saturday one of the multiple tests that they ran did return with a positive result for the Adenovirus. The only issue is that Wyatt's not "sick, sick"....no temperature, no runny/stuffy nose, no cough, no aches and pains other than from his GI tract, etc. So, after consulting with all the doctors it appears we found something, however what we found seems to not be related to what's keeping us here.

BUT, hospital policy has placed us in isolation due to this finding. Which means no Child Life play room, no walking the halls, door closed at all times and everyone has to wear a not so flattering sunshine yellow gown, gloves, which are a lovely shade of gray, and a face covering mask to come see us. Not very fun....for anyone!

Yesterday Wyatt went to the OR to have an Endoscopy with biopsies taken of his upper GI tract. He did great and he looks good on the inside. No obvious allergy signs, ulcers or anything of the sort was seen. Which is good...although, it was clear that everyone was hoping to find something that was easily fixable.

Today, he'll be having a GJ tube placed. A G-tube, which he has now, feeds him in his stomach. A G-J tube bypasses the stomach and will feed him in the jejunum part of his intestines. The hope is that this will lessen his severe reflux and reduce some of his pain and discomfort. If it works as we all hope and he is able to tolerate full feedings then we'll be on the (hopefully fast) track home!

::crossing my fingers::
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  1. I'm following you now from MBC. Sounds like a big pain for the little guy. I enjoy reading your posts though and your family is adorable. Good luck!