Saturday, May 1, 2010

In the hospital...

Wyatt was re-admitted to the hospital on April, 21st due to an Ileus, which is a medical-ified way of saying that his GI tract slowed way down and stopped working. There was something that was noted on x-ray that was originally thought to be the cause, but then dismissed after an abdominal ultrasound.

It's been a worrisome, sometimes frustrating, informative and confusing 11 days.

We're all really missing Maggie and Jilly, our home, the pets and our own BEDS!

Bryan's employer has been wonderful with allowing him to be here with us.

Wyatt was put on gut rest initially and we then, very slowly, started to re-introduce formula through his g-tube. After a lot of starting and stopping the feeds due to his pain and discomfort, it was decided to start trialing different types of formula. Over the course of a week we trialed 4 different kinds until we found one that caused the least amount of discomfort for him...Elecare, an amino acid based, hypo-allergenic formula. During the time we have been here we've also added several new GI medications to the mix along with a few other added issues being noted in his, ever growing, chart.

Where we're at now....we were able to wean him up slowly to full strength Elecare running at 35ml/hour. 30-35ml/hour seems to be his comfort limit...the ultimate goal is 65ml/hour. There has been a lot of talk about food allergies, endoscopy/colonoscopy, G-J tube trial, etc...but that's all on hold for the weekend.

He's been unhooked from feeds since early yesterday morning when he had an upper GI test that ended up being very uncomfortable for him. And afterward it was decided that he needed a, as pain free as possible, break from things. They will be restarting the feedings again sometime today.

We're currently waiting to talk to the doctor that's here for the weekend shift....he did tell us early this morning that he has a few tricks up his sleeve.
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  1. Hey There -- Yup you probably did see us! We were around for a meeting and then the Chronically Cool Families Support group -- which you should join :)

    Hope you make it home soon -- Love that Dr. Raab, he'll do anything you your child!

    Maybe we will see you around -- stay in touch if you need anything :)