Sunday, May 23, 2010


Jill and Baby Mari are ready for the big event today.

We attended our nephew's confirmation at church. It's an important day! I'm not certain many of the kids who are being confirmed realize to what extent...I know I sure did not at the time (oh, the confirmation class memories!), but none the less, it's a day to celebrate.

We arrived early and had time to be silly before the more civilized other families arrived. 
  My Brother-in-law and the newly confirmed nephew
 My Sister-in-law and the newly confirmed nephew
The fam (minus the youngest boy who was off busying himself and avoiding the pictures at all costs.)
The man (*almost*) of the hour and Nana (great-Grandmother)
Our three tiny people.

Today was also a day of celebration of another kind. 41 years ago today my in-laws were married and bound together for a life of love and happiness. Forty-one YEARS....and they are both still smiling!
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