Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wyatt update

I've been updating a bit on Twitter, but thought I would throw a new post out, as well. Wyatt's surgery itself went well. He was directly admitted to the PICU afterward, where we spent the rest of his stay. His SAT's have been lower than his typical due to swelling, but he has been doing well.

Last night he started struggling more. His temperature is up, his heart rates have doubled to 100-120bpm while sleeping..his norm is 50-60bpm, his oxygen saturations (SAT's) have lowered and he's requiring more O2 support to keep them stable (CPAP w/ 3L of added O2 is working for the moment), he's coughing and at times, retching. It's been a long night! He's still sleeping today, which is what his body needs the most of, I believe.

We're very thankful to have the machines and support to stay home as long as possible.
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