Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring break is no more

It's a quiet morning in our house.

Jilly is intently watching a  movie, Tinkerbell. The dogs are sprawled out on their sides sleeping soundly. The big kids are in school. And spring break is officially over.

Our extended weekend was a bit busy, but enjoyable. 

Saturday morning we rushed around trying to find white shoes that were cute, fit correctly and were comfortable for the girls. A much more complicated task than originally anticipated! Then in the afternoon we traveled to my father's home where we had a pre-Easter dinner and egg hunt. The kids enjoyed playing all afternoon with their cousins...they played wiffle ball, rode scooters and bikes, climbed trees, randomly chased each other around while screaming loudly and consumed fist fulls of jelly beans. We arrived home in the early evening with three bags full of candy and children on the downward spiral of a sugar high. The kids marched through the front door and directly up the stairs, begrudgingly, onward to the bathroom for much needed showering...followed by bedtime.

Can you believe it?! While these three children were fast asleep, replenishing their little bodies with an abundance of energy, the Easter bunny came and went, leaving behind three baskets full of goodies!

Sunday we awoke early. The kids leaped from their beds...ok, not really. They more groaned and staggered down the steps, where they found the baskets full o' goodies. It's quite interesting how quickly a basket full of candy and fun items will perk a child up! After digging through their stashes with excitement, we started the prep of getting us all prettied up for Sunday school and Church. Following our Churchly activities and a riveting sermon (::wink, wink::), we visited Bryan's parents home for additional Easter festivities. Which, included an egg hunt, candy and gifts for each of the children, of course.

Monday morning brought us a full day at the hospital. First up was Wyatt's pre-operative appointment, where he was cleared for surgery on Friday. We now wait until Thursday for a phone call for more information and times that we need to be there. Along with the pre-op appointment came blood work...and lots of it! After visiting the vampires (as Wyatt refers to the lab tech's who draw the blood), we visited the newly remodeled therapy services center of the hospital. Very nice! Wyatt was being re-measured for the wheelchair that's being re-submitted (again!) to our insurance company for approval (say a prayer...or 5, that it will all be approved this time!) Upon completing all the scheduled appointments, we had to stop in at the gift shop where the kids each scored items of their choosing...thanks to Grandma! 

Yesterday morning the kids and I set our focus on picking up their bedrooms and general cleaning. The kids were thrilled...I assure you! My Mother then came for a visit, which included more candy and Easter gifts. And we then enjoyed the warm, 80 degree sunshine in the backyard for a good portion of the afternoon. It was a nice end to the big kids' spring break from school.

We now have a stash of candy that should (but won't) last us the entire year and memories of a greatly enjoyed weekend of Easter festivities with family.
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