Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood.

It's a dreary, drizzly day.

A good day for naps!

We traveled a couple steps forward, I believe....
Wyatt started to interact and perk up yesterday evening. He was even smiling for us, which made my heart swell and did a Mommy good to see! His oxygen saturations and heart rate are improving while laying and resting (not sleeping). But once he moves, sits or stands up his heart rate rises promptly and his oxygen SAT's decrease. He breaks a sweat just trying to walk a few feet and returning to his designated spot. His temperature has come down and is within his normal range at this point. He has also started wanting to eat and asking for things...it doesn't always end well, but we have had a couple successes. The act of eating and getting things to and in his mouth (with/on a spoon) is tricky yet and it tends to affect his oxygen SAT's and HR negatively. But all that aside, we're seeing good progress and I believe we're now on the correct road to recovery. ::crossing fingers::

Last night Grandpa volunteered his grandfatherly services to stay with Wyatt and Jilly while Grandma, Bryan, Maggie and I went to school for Maggie's Young Author's club presentation. This time the young Author's created a biography of someone special to them. Maggie chose her Nana...Bryan's Grandmother, Maggie's great Grandmother. Maggie did a wonderful job including all the information that Nana provided her and telling Nana's life story. She's excited to share her biography at Nana's 90th Birthday party at the end of the month!

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  1. Thank you for stopping at my blog and you're is amazing. I hope you're son gets better, and many prayers from myself and my family. Tell your great-mother-in-law congratulations on hitting 90! It's definitely a milestone.

  2. What a darline photo of your dog.

    I do hope your son is feeling better!

  3. What a great idea to have a young Authors club and for your daughter to do the story of her great grandmother. I'm now following you from MBC....you can find me at http://marvelouslymessy.blogspot.com/
    I'm sending positive thoughts for your family and your sons health!!!!