Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring beauty.

Spring is here.
The birds are chirping.
The air is warmer.
The sun is shining (most of the time).
Leaves are sprouting from branches.
The grass is growing.
Mowers are buzzing (again).
The flowers are emerging.
Our world is in color....Spring is here.
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Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh man, this week has been a doozy!

First things first, I'm sure you've seen that I've been changing things up a bit. You may see a few more minor changes here and there as I try to get things perfected and just how I want them.

Or I may just change the whole thing again...I tend to be a bit unpredictable like that.

Our boy is doing good. He's getting better with each passing day. We've been able to sideline the oxygen and rely only on the Cpap, his heart rate is returning closer to his normal. His energy is working it's way back and he's smiling and laughing. He has very minimal pain directly related to the surgery. Things are looking up. One day at a time.....and we'll get there soon.

Jilly has a nasty cold and has been coughing all. night. long.
Enough said, I do believe.

Maggie has had state testing in school and half days all week. She was looking forward to having her afternoons off to enjoy, and originally we were planning some fun. That was prior to the things that went down over the weekend. Instead, her fun week turned into us staying home and having to keep quiet while Wyatt rested. Poor girl....I do hope our girly impromptu shopping trip last evening made up for it a little. Accessories does a girl good!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood.

It's a dreary, drizzly day.

A good day for naps!

We traveled a couple steps forward, I believe....
Wyatt started to interact and perk up yesterday evening. He was even smiling for us, which made my heart swell and did a Mommy good to see! His oxygen saturations and heart rate are improving while laying and resting (not sleeping). But once he moves, sits or stands up his heart rate rises promptly and his oxygen SAT's decrease. He breaks a sweat just trying to walk a few feet and returning to his designated spot. His temperature has come down and is within his normal range at this point. He has also started wanting to eat and asking for doesn't always end well, but we have had a couple successes. The act of eating and getting things to and in his mouth (with/on a spoon) is tricky yet and it tends to affect his oxygen SAT's and HR negatively. But all that aside, we're seeing good progress and I believe we're now on the correct road to recovery. ::crossing fingers::

Last night Grandpa volunteered his grandfatherly services to stay with Wyatt and Jilly while Grandma, Bryan, Maggie and I went to school for Maggie's Young Author's club presentation. This time the young Author's created a biography of someone special to them. Maggie chose her Nana...Bryan's Grandmother, Maggie's great Grandmother. Maggie did a wonderful job including all the information that Nana provided her and telling Nana's life story. She's excited to share her biography at Nana's 90th Birthday party at the end of the month!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wyatt update 4/12/10

We ended up in the emergency department of the childrens hospital yesterday. Wyatt spiked a temperature of 102.8 along with all the difficulties that I previously posted. They ruled out pneumonia, which was a concern, and after 6 hours of sitting in a small, sterile, squarely built room with one miserably feeling boy and 2 overly active and tired girls, they sent us home to *keep doing what we're doing*.

His body and muscles are tired of working overtime. It appears his muscles and energy just bottomed out which is causing the respiratory problems. And his consistantly high heart rate is because his body is working so much harder to keep things going. The temperature is likely because of his body being overly stressed and tired...that's a Wyatt thing.

We've been in contact with his pulmonologist who is supporting us in utilizing all the equipment that we have here. So, onward we go....

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wyatt update

I've been updating a bit on Twitter, but thought I would throw a new post out, as well. Wyatt's surgery itself went well. He was directly admitted to the PICU afterward, where we spent the rest of his stay. His SAT's have been lower than his typical due to swelling, but he has been doing well.

Last night he started struggling more. His temperature is up, his heart rates have doubled to 100-120bpm while sleeping..his norm is 50-60bpm, his oxygen saturations (SAT's) have lowered and he's requiring more O2 support to keep them stable (CPAP w/ 3L of added O2 is working for the moment), he's coughing and at times, retching. It's been a long night! He's still sleeping today, which is what his body needs the most of, I believe.

We're very thankful to have the machines and support to stay home as long as possible.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring break is no more

It's a quiet morning in our house.

Jilly is intently watching a  movie, Tinkerbell. The dogs are sprawled out on their sides sleeping soundly. The big kids are in school. And spring break is officially over.

Our extended weekend was a bit busy, but enjoyable. 

Saturday morning we rushed around trying to find white shoes that were cute, fit correctly and were comfortable for the girls. A much more complicated task than originally anticipated! Then in the afternoon we traveled to my father's home where we had a pre-Easter dinner and egg hunt. The kids enjoyed playing all afternoon with their cousins...they played wiffle ball, rode scooters and bikes, climbed trees, randomly chased each other around while screaming loudly and consumed fist fulls of jelly beans. We arrived home in the early evening with three bags full of candy and children on the downward spiral of a sugar high. The kids marched through the front door and directly up the stairs, begrudgingly, onward to the bathroom for much needed showering...followed by bedtime.

Can you believe it?! While these three children were fast asleep, replenishing their little bodies with an abundance of energy, the Easter bunny came and went, leaving behind three baskets full of goodies!

Sunday we awoke early. The kids leaped from their beds...ok, not really. They more groaned and staggered down the steps, where they found the baskets full o' goodies. It's quite interesting how quickly a basket full of candy and fun items will perk a child up! After digging through their stashes with excitement, we started the prep of getting us all prettied up for Sunday school and Church. Following our Churchly activities and a riveting sermon (::wink, wink::), we visited Bryan's parents home for additional Easter festivities. Which, included an egg hunt, candy and gifts for each of the children, of course.

Monday morning brought us a full day at the hospital. First up was Wyatt's pre-operative appointment, where he was cleared for surgery on Friday. We now wait until Thursday for a phone call for more information and times that we need to be there. Along with the pre-op appointment came blood work...and lots of it! After visiting the vampires (as Wyatt refers to the lab tech's who draw the blood), we visited the newly remodeled therapy services center of the hospital. Very nice! Wyatt was being re-measured for the wheelchair that's being re-submitted (again!) to our insurance company for approval (say a prayer...or 5, that it will all be approved this time!) Upon completing all the scheduled appointments, we had to stop in at the gift shop where the kids each scored items of their choosing...thanks to Grandma! 

Yesterday morning the kids and I set our focus on picking up their bedrooms and general cleaning. The kids were thrilled...I assure you! My Mother then came for a visit, which included more candy and Easter gifts. And we then enjoyed the warm, 80 degree sunshine in the backyard for a good portion of the afternoon. It was a nice end to the big kids' spring break from school.

We now have a stash of candy that should (but won't) last us the entire year and memories of a greatly enjoyed weekend of Easter festivities with family.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter...from our family to yours!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birth-aversary to me!

My husband is great.

Of course, I already knew this, but yesterday he managed to confirm it to me once again.

I was gifted a new camera...the type that I've been drooling over dreaming about for several years. It's a combined (early) Birthday and Anniversary present.

I love my camera husband!

Photography is something I really enjoy and, plain and simple, it makes me happy. I'm learning more every time I take a picture...of course, my main insipiration is my children. And how could I not love seeing pictures of them?!  :-)

A few shots from today...

This is Coco...he's a fluffy, wooly English Angora Rabbit.

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Easter traditions

We boiled eggs this morning.  
And decorated them this afternoon.

We're now ready for Easter! 
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's that time again...Yo Tweeps!

 Read the instructions here and start folowing!
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