Monday, March 22, 2010

We're alive and well!

I realize I haven't posted since last Wednesday...but rest assured, we're alive and well!

Last week was a busy week with a neurology appointment for Wyatt first thing Monday, followed by an IEP meeting for him on Wednesday, Maggie's 2nd grade open house and music recital on Thursday evening and finishing the week off we attended the Cub Scouts blue and gold banquet on Saturday morning.

The neurology appointment was the same old stuff. It feels much like running in circles while trying to get something important accomplished. Frustrating and disheartening.

I've been taking time to create a new post, a summary of sorts, that explains in greater detail about Wyatt's medical status. I realize I've been very vague in descriptions up till now, but I'm hoping this will shed a brighter light into our lives for you and, you never know, maybe it will even answer a few questions you may have had about us.

I'm trying to find the balance of sharing information and opening up more. What can I say....I'm a work in progress! (although, aren't we all?!?)

Wyatt's IEP meeting went very well. In the past these meetings have left me coming home frustrated, confused and angry that we have to fight so hard for services that should be provided for him. But this year I came home excited and overall pleased with what is in place. I think some of that is from the approach that we have adopted over the past few years and how we view things now, but I also think it's the 'team' that we have this year. Everyone is on the same page and seeing the same things, so it's easy to talk to them and change/modify things as needed. I can't express my appreciation and thank them enough...this school year has been wonderful for all of us so far! The therapists (PT, OT and ST) still leave a LOT to be desired (I truly question their experience and expertise every time I talk to any one of them) but that fight is on hold. The rest of the team is putting in motion something that has not yet been used in the school district (from what they were saying), but they are excited to try it with Wyatt next year and it certainly sounds like it will greatly benefit him! He goes to school on a modified schedule...he stays home for physical/medical reasons on Tues. and Thurs. and attends school M,W,F. If it all comes together, he will be able to 'attend' school via his laptop from home (the school purchased the laptop for him this year for other educational reasons) and be able to interact with his teachers/classmates and see/hear what they are doing during class time. Isn't that neat?! We're excited for this and are anxious to see how it all comes together. There are a lot of details to be worked out and I'm not sure how exactly it will all work just yet, but it sounds very promising!

Maggie's open house and performance was great. It's always so fun to see what they have accomplished and created through out the school year thus far. She had a great time singing and showing off her classroom to us! Her teacher seems very impressed with her abilities, as are we.
 Maggie's desk and work. 
Jilly (the biggest 'ham' of the three) really enjoys seeing the kids' classrooms.

We then ended the week by attending the Cub Scouts Blue & Gold banquet on Saturday morning. It was held bright and early (seriously, who scheduled this thing at 8am...45 minutes away from where we live?!). But we arrived on time and we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed.
There was a breakfast buffet that partially made up for the early Saturday morning time frame and made us all more pleasant. 

This is Jilly's, I'm happy I have pancakes with syrup, smile.
Wyatt and his den received their tiger patches proudly and were very excited. Bryan was also recognized and had several families compliment him on how well he's doing as a den leader.

I'm very proud of both of my boys! It was a good day.
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