Sunday, March 14, 2010

The stars

The other evening as we were arriving home the sky was crystal clear and the stars were shining bright.

My kids love to look at the stars....who doesn't like to gaze up into the universe every once in awhile?!?

Maggie was asking where the little dipper was and looking for Orion's belt.

Wyatt was commenting on how many stars he could see.

Jilly piped up excitedly "Look! I found where we live!" while pointing assuredly, showing us the exact spot. It left me giggling a bit and looking at where she was pointing. Then she said "I found Mars too!" and " oh! oh! oh! And there is You-piter!" I asked her "Do you mean Jupiter?" emphasizing the J sound. She looked at me slightly confused and said confidently "No, I see you-piter." I commented back "Sweetie, I think it's called J-upiter." again, emphasizing the J. She looks at me annoyed and her arms straight at her sides "No, it's YOU-piter." As she draws the YOU part out long and clear for me to hear because, certainly, I wasn't hearing her correctly.

Oh, this girl. She is something else with that twinkle in her eye and devilish grin. Confident, strong willed and so gotta love her. (and we certainly do!)
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