Monday, March 1, 2010

The solar system and (another) doctors appointment

Maggie is in 2nd grade this year (crazy!) and what comes with second grade?!? The very first science project....the solar system! Maggie was so excited and had big plans. After some intense stress related to getting the solar system just as she wanted, we finally got it perfect. (if you ask me!)

From what I hear everyone really liked it....and no one else had a cool handle on the top of theirs. Go us!

While we were out and about today we stopped to pick up the 3rd Harry Potter book for my bookworm of a girl. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) (Hardcover)

She flew through the first two in the series at lightening speed. In fact she flew through them both in just a few short days and upon finishing each, she decided to read them for a 2nd time.

She was very pleased and has yet to put the new book down. She is thoroughly enthralled in Harry Potter's world!

This morning Wyatt had an appointment at Dupont with the ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist). He has seen these doctors a few times in the past. One of the doctors specializes more in the ears and he placed tubes in Wyatt's ears when he was 18 months old because of constant fluid behind his ear drum that was affecting his hearing.

The doctor we saw today deals more with the nose/throat. We started seeing him last year due to the respiratory problems that Wyatt experiences. At that appointment, he found that Wyatt has laryngomalacia. This would be another problem caused by the neuromuscular condition and the muscle weakness/wasting in and around the throat and neck areas.

However, this appointment was to discuss the chronic sinus infections that he has been battling all this past and current year. After discussing what medications he is already on, what many antibiotics were used to no avail and what other remedies we have tried, it was decided that the only next step is to try removing the adenoids. And at that point, if they are already putting him under anesthesia, then he feels it necessary to remove the tonsils as well.


This is something I was hoping we could avoid. I know in my head it's the next step and it may help....but I know it's also a tough recovery. It hurts.

The doctor went over the risks and possible complications with us, many the same as with any surgery, some different. Wyatt will be admitted to the hospital and they are reserving him a bed in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) for after surgery. The doctor said it's a possibility that he'll need to stay on the ventilator for awhile afterward, given his current respiratory issues. He was unable to say for certain how many days he'll be inpatient, as this surgery is typically done as outpatient. We'll just have to take it day by day. I suppose, you never know. This boy of mine is good at throwing us curve balls....he could be doing great the day after surgery!

The surgery is scheduled for April 9th.

This afternoon I was also able to talk with Wyatt's GI doctor about the results of the impedance probe that he had done awhile back. It did show that he's refluxing multiple times an hour around the clock. Not good! And during the test he was having what we consider a 'good' day....I would hate to see the results of a 'bad' day! It was decided that he'll be trying, in addition to his current reflux meds, a prokinetic medicine called erythromycin. This medicine is supposed to empty his stomach faster, which in turn will help lessen the reflux (hopefully).

I also talked with the immune/allergy office and was told the cystic fibrosis testing was negative. Yeah! Check that one off the list!
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