Friday, March 5, 2010

One of those days....

I'm sure many of you know the days...the days filled with frustration, worry and or confusion. I'm relieved it's nearing the end of the's friday, the weekend.

It's been one thing after another this week....from having to schedule and prepare for another surgery, to the pharmacy and the very large copay amounts for medication, to the ongoing battle with the health insurance company, to a doctor not returning our calls to answer questions, to the emails from the school nurse to inform us of issues that Wyatt is experiencing, to the email from therapists telling us that what he's been working on for years is becoming increasingly difficult for him and their needing to change their "focus", to this, to that and the other thing. Worry, worry, worry....stress, stress, stress!

I suppose it's just been one of those weeks that accumulated into one of those days...the days that make me sad for my boy. The days that I wish a wave of a magic wand would take away all of his pain and struggles. And he could run and play like every other energetic little boy and not have his body pay for it later. The days that you realize that your life is very different than the majority of your peers.

The days that open your eyes at how incredibly blessed you are to love and care for these three special little people. The days that you decide to celebrate the inchstones and not focus on the milestones. The days that you thank the Lord for everything...including the times of sress, worry and frustration. The days that remind us to trust and have faith.

We're going to enjoy our time together as a family this evening by watching the much anticipated iCarly episode "iSpace Out".
We're together. We're happy.
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