Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been a week...

It's been an interesting (as always!) and slightly unbelievable (at times!) week.

Monday morning I received a phone call from the principle of the kids' school. Usually, I receive calls from the nurse or Wyatt's teachers about something that is happening or to tell me he's not feeling well...we communicate quite often. It's not unusual to see the schools phone number on my caller ID. But getting a call from the principle was slightly out of the norm.

My first thought was that something happened to Maggie or Wyatt....a slew of thoughts running through my head of what it could be. Then as she elaborated the time line and said what child it involved, I started thinking she was tracking me down for a forgotten excuse note or my absent signature on a form. I couldn't help but feel I could somewhat be in trouble for forgetting such things!

However, my scattered thoughts were slightly incorrect...the kids were safe and well (thank goodness!), and it certainly wasn't anything I had forgotten (phew!). But there was a situation that happened at school that indirectly involved Wyatt and put him in harms way. But the biggest shock was that this situation happened in October....5 months ago! And why am I just now being told about this, you may ask? (I certainly did!) Well, it's quite simple, really, they didn't even think of calling us. Nice, huh?

I don't feel I should go into all the details about the events, but I will tell you the situation is being handled in a courtroom. The principle told us of the situation because the asst. District Attorney would like to talk to us. I certainly hope that the person who carried out this action will be held accountable for ALL the charges that are in question.

That was our Monday.

Tuesday the weather here was beautiful and incredibly refreshing! The kids enjoyed running and playing with their friends for a short while after Maggie got off the bus. But we then had to get ready for our evening...we visited the school for the 1st grade open house and musical event. Wyatt enjoyed showing off all that he created in school this year and he certainly enjoyed the singing performance! It was all very fun to see! A great evening to a beautiful day.

Wednesday everyone was off to school by 8am and Jill and I settled in for a quiet day. It was a short lived thought. The nurse called by 11am and said Wyatt wasn't feeling well. So, Jill and I made our way to the school quickly to bring him home. It appears his body was paying for all the extra fun he had the day before...he slept the rest of the day away.

Today is Friday. It's a mild, gloomy, rainy day. Jilly had a long night of bad dreams and just not sleeping well. She was unable to relay to us what the problem was, but I believe we found the reason this morning...stuffy/runny nose, cough, sore throat, very tired. It appears today will be a quiet, snuggling, resting kind of day.
Maybe I will even fit some reading in today. I started reading Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult when we were at the hospital with Wyatt last month. It's got my interest and is promising to be a good read.

And since sitting down here to add this new post, the nurse called. Like I said, not unusual for the schools number to be on our caller ID. Never a dull moment...
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