Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby and an interview with Nana

Wyatt's scout pack had their pinewood derby on Saturday. The kids were all excited and slightly antsy...anxious to see how fast their cars raced down the track.
The excited boy.

Let me tell you, these little blocks of wood are buggers to shape and construct into what a young child imagines it to look like! Bryan and Wyatt are now skilled in the craft of pinewood derby car making....the design, the shaping, the sanding, the weighting, the painting, the re-painting after said child decides on something different, the detail paint work, the weigh-in, the wheels, another weigh-in, acquiring the accurate weight (removing/adding pieces), the final weigh-in and eventually the RACE!

The track
The tiger scouts receiving their "first pinewood derby" trophy's
Wyatt's car at the starting line (his is the flatter of the two)
Look at that "rocket" go!
Wyatt's car won all four of it's runs and he got 3rd place! WTG, Wy and Daddy!

Maggie is in an after school club called the Young Authors club. In the fall the club members each created and published their own books. Maggie's book was titled "The friends". At the end they presented and read their books in front of all of the members' loved ones. This 'season' the club is creating and publishing a biography of whom ever they choose. Maggie decided to choose her Nana (great grandmother). So, on Sunday it was arranged that Maggie would interview Nana about her childhood, her teen/young adult years, as well as her present life. She eagerly went back to the club Monday after school and started writing. I can't wait to hear what information she chooses to use and how it turns out!
Nana and Maggie after the interview
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