Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday!

We had a decently productive day....wooo!

The kids had off of school again. They played very nicely with each other all morning while I was on and off the phone....I count that as something to celebrate right there. No loudly yelling children while I was making phone calls....SCORE!

I was able to schedule Wyatt's impedance probe for this Thursday. I was shocked that they were able to fit him in so quickly! He has a sweat test scheduled for that morning already, so it works out well. He has the sweat test at 8am, which should take about an hour. When he's finished with that we'll travel across the hospital and he'll be hooked up to the impedance probe....we'll be home sometime Friday. I was also able to get his new formula ordered and it's now on it's way to our home as well (shipped via UPS). I'm happy that we'll be able to start it for him this week...less volume each day would be much easier to get into him. I then chatted a bit with family trying to work out schedules/child care for the days that Wyatt will be in the hospital.....that still needs tweaking a bit.

This afternoon we took a tour of the QVC studios with Wyatt's Cub Scout den (and Bryan's....he's the Den leader). It turned out to be a great tour and much more informative than I thought it would be....very nice facility. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves and were asking lots of questions (true, some may not have pertained to the tour in the slightest bit....but they were at least partaking in the activity to some degree. ha!)

The kids are now in bed and the house is quiet. Bryan is watching the Olympics, Wyatt and Jilly are fast asleep and Maggie is, as usual, reading. <3

I think we're all ready for school to be back in session's a scheduled day off for Wyatt due to his modified schedule (he doesn't attend school on Tuesday's and Thursday's) but Maggie will be ready for the bus at 8am! It's time....Jill and I need our daily routine back. When everyone is home I don't get nearly as much done as when they are at school/work. Our routine has been disrupted for so long that I'm actually looking forward to some cleaning! Eeep! (Of course, come tomorrow we'll be missing and waiting for Maggie to arrive home. <3)
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